What is Profhilo?

Profhilo® is composed of highly pure hyaluronic acid. However, it is not a Dermal filler. Profhilo is a patented product manufactured by the world’s leading medical producers of hyaluronic acid.

Profhilo® is the only product which acts to stimulate all four types of collagen and elastin. Perhaps it is best-described as a ‘bio-rejuvenator’, ‘bio-revitaliser’ or ‘tissue-stimulator’ and these terms are catching on as aesthetic medicine moves in a new direction.


How can Profhilo® help prevent wrinkles?

Profhilo® is currently the only product capable of stimulating your natural production of all four types of collagen and elastin – these vital substances which are lost from the skin as we age. So it is accurate to say that it can effectively cure certain kinds of wrinkles from within the skin, by boosting and utilising your natural processes.

It has been reported that from the age of about twenty, each year we lose around 1% of the collagen and elastin from our skin tissue. As a result of this gradual depletion, the skin becomes thinner and as the time goes by it has less and less of its youthful ‘bounce’.


Which areas are treatable with Profhilo®?

Profhilo® is especially effective at treating loose skin in the neck, cheek and jowls as well as other areas usually considered difficult to treat with injectable products, such as the temples and forehead.

How many treatments will I need?

For most patients, we recommend an initial course of two treatment sessions, with an interval of one month between sessions. We may then recommend top-up and maintenance sessions, depending on your body’s response to the initial treatment.


How long do the results of Profhilo treatment last?

You should notice the results of the treatment – increased firmness, elasticity and an overall improved quality of your skin – lasting around six months. However, other factors can affect the results, including the degree of correction needed, your age and lifestyle and your skin’s natural ageing process.

What happens during the treatment?

Profhilo is injected just under the skin using very fine needles in pre-determined points. It is relatively painless and there is usually no need for topical pain relief creams prior to treatment. The treatment itself is very quick, taking only about 10 minutes. On the face only five injection points are necessary on each side of the face to give maximum results.  


What are the risks & side effects?

Profhilo treatment may result in some common injection-related reactions including redness, swelling, pain, itching, bruising and tenderness at the implant site.  They have generally been described as mild to moderate and typically resolve spontaneously a few days after treatment. 


Bruising can occasionally be more significant, particularly if aspirin or anti-inflammatory medication has been taken within the last few days or there has been the consumption of alcohol. There may be visible lumps straight after treatment, these starts to disappear within a few minutes but may take a few days to clear completely. Please do not massage them.


Following treatment, you may notice an improvement within a few days although some patients may not see the benefit for up to 4 weeks after their second treatment. The skin should look more hydrated and have a healthy glow, fine lines and wrinkles should improve and the area should have a more youthful appearance. Even very aged skin may feel tighter, smoother and show an improvement in texture.

If you suffer from any of he below conditions you will not be a suitable candidate for this treatment;

  • Bleeding disorders  

  • Compromised immune system

  • Hemophilia

  • infectious diseases,

  • cancer,

  • HIV or Hepatitis B

  • Diabetes 

  • Profhilo is not recommended during pregnancy or breastfeeding.



  • Avoid applying make-up to the treated area for 24 hours

  • Avoid physical activity for 24 hours

  • Avoid other cosmetic, beauty or dental treatments for at least a week

  • Use a high SPF sun-protection after treatment

  • Avoid extremes of hot or cold

  • Massage is not required, the product with diffuse naturally without any intervention.

  • Please drink plenty of water to aid the treatment process.