My Story

From a young age I have always been passionate about taking care of my skin. As a child I had suffered from extremely sensitive skin, eczema and Keratosis Pilaris. This led me on a long journey of discovery into which skincare ingredients would cause my skin to react. By the age of 15 I had discovered a mid range skin brand that suited my skin perfectly and the added bonus is that it contained an SPF. At this time my friends wouldn’t have dreamed of spending money on what they felt was expensive skincare, but for me it turned out to be a long term investment and to this day I am always complimented on the youthful and radiant appearance of my skin.


In the year 2003 I began working in the Plastic Surgery sector and I was able to witness the long term results of non-surgical anti-ageing treatments as they evolved onto the cosmetics market. This led me to realise that although the surgeons knife is a seemingly quick fix in reversing the signs of ageing such as loose skin, it was the non-surgical skin treatments that could hold off the hands of time and improve skin structure, laxity and luminosity. Working closely within the sector also allowed for me to be able to try the treatments for myself and be able to ascertain if I felt they worked from both my own experience and client feedback.


Seeing the results from aesthetic treatments wasn’t enough, I wanted to understand how the skins cellular structure functioned, how skin conditions such as acne develop and if it was indeed possible to exponentially slow the ageing process using cellular regeneration treatments and advanced cosmeceutical skin care products. This led me to study Advanced Skin Science, Skin Microbiology, Advanced Infection Control in Aesthetic Practice, Nutrition for the Skin and Advanced Investigative Consultation and Diagnosis leading to a Diploma in Advanced Skin Studies and Aesthetic Practice. I take my ongoing education seriously, investing in the most prestigious courses and ensuring that I am fully knowledgeable and competent in my field.


Due to my extensive studies into the skins behaviors and needs, when I consult with a client I include a thorough assessment of their lifestyle, including stress levels, nutrition, current skincare regime and sun exposure, all of which will impact the skins health. I can then devise a unique treatment plan for each client addressing their individual skin needs and ensuring the best results. After all, our skin is always on show and our confidence can be greatly affected when we do not feel our best. My aim is for you to feel incredible bare faced and to treat your skin as your biggest long term beauty investment.




Our Philosophy

Opia Radiance was born from a passion for glowing, healthy skin. Every client’s treatment plan is bespoke due to our advanced skin consultation process ensuring that the skin is supported both inside and out. After all, skin health begins at a cellular level and what we put on the inside will result in how our skin looks on the outside. This is why you are provided with individualised expert advice on how to support your skin both dietary and product wise.


During your treatment we want you to truly relax and feel at ease. The treatment room environment has been designed to cater to your every comfort, ensuring that after your treatment has finished you will feel renewed and refreshed. It is our aim that everybody should feel able to embrace their natural beauty and feel confident when bare faced. That’s why every treatment offered has been chosen to enhance rather than to alter your natural beauty.


Opia Radiance has an eco-friendly ethos and hand pick products that are cruelty free and organic where possible whilst also being results driven. We constantly source renewable products including equipment, ensuring we negatively impact the environment as minimally as possible.