Lash Treatments

LVL Lash Lift & Tint

The LVL Lash Lift is a world renowned lash treatment exclusively by Nouveau. It works by first straightening and curling the natural lashes at the root. Then lashes are then tinted, darkening the blonde tips of your lashes that are usually invisible to the naked eye unless mascara has been applied to them. The LVL treatment gives you the appearance of longer, thicker lashes without the need for mascara. With LVL your Lashes look perfect from the moment you wake up.

1-1.5 hours

LVL Lash Lift £35 (Upper lashes only)

LVL Lash Pro-Lift £45 (Upper & Lower lashes)

Volume Lash Extensions £75

Volume Lash Extensions (also known as Russian Volume) are hand made fans that are tailored to each individual lash to appear like you’re wearing strip lashes. They can be styled to suit the individual and can look natural, glamourous or somewhere in between. Lash extensions last around 2-3 weeks before needing an infill or removal.

2 - 2.5 hours

Hybrid Lashes £65

Are a mix of both volume lashes (fans) and Classic lashes (individual). This will create a more textured effect.

2.5 hours

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Classic Lashes £60

Are individual lash extensions that add length to your natural lashes, but no width or volume.

1.5 - 2 hours

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Lash Extension Infills

Russian Volume/ Hybrid Infills (up to 2 weeks) £35 1 hour

Russian Volume/ Hybrid Infills (up to 3 weeks) £45 1.5 hour

Classic Lashes (up to 2 weeks) £30

Classic Lashes (up to 3 weeks) £35
*Please note anything after 3 weeks or less than 50% lashes will be classed as a new set

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Lash Extension Removal

Extensions applied at Opia Radiance - Free of charge

Extensions applied elsewhere - £10

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LVL Lash & Brow Packages

LVL Lash Lift & HD Brows £50 *(save £10) 1.5 hours

LVL Lash Lift, HD Brows & Lamination £65 *(save £5) 1.5 hours

LVL Lash Lift (upper & lower lashes) & HD Brows & Lamination £75 *(save £5) 2 hours

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