LVL Lash Lift

What is an LVL Treatment?

The LVL Lash Lift is a world renowned lash treatment exclusively by Nouveau. It works by first straightening and curling the natural lashes at the root. Then lashes are then tinted, darkening the blonde tips of your lashes that are usually invisible to the naked eye unless mascara has been applied to them. The LVL treatment gives you the appearance of longer, thicker lashes without the need for mascara. With LVL your Lashes look perfect from the moment you wake up. The LVL method is specific only to technicians that have trained with Nouveau.


What does LVL mean?

LVL stands for Length, Volume, Lift

What is the difference between LVL and a traditional lash perm?
A lash perm curls the entire lash and creates a soft curl across the entire length of your eye lashes. However, the LVL treatment curls the lashes directly at the root. Creating a more upright curl, and as a result a more dramatic effect. However, different levels of curl are available depending on the look your seeking to create, and your technician will be able to recommend what is best suited to you. LVL also includes an eye lash tint. Creating a mascara style effect, and the appearance of added length and volume.

Is the treatment cruelty free/ vegan friendly?

Although the LVL treatment is cruelty free, it can not be classed as vegan due to containing lanolin, but please let me know that you are Vegan and an alternative product by Elleebana Profusion which is TGG free and vegan can be used as an alternative.

How long does the treatment take?
The treatment usually takes around an hour, but please allow for 1 hour 30 minutes at your first appointment to include a consultation and paperwork. LVL is a closed eye procedure so you will be laid down comfortably and be able to take a little nap.

How long does the treatment last?
The set usually last for up to 6-8 weeks depending on your lash type and lifestyle.

Will the treatment damage my natural lashes?
What LVL say about their treatment “We’re the undisputed authority in lash care. So you can be assured that our LVL products have been specifically formulated and tested to prevent damage to your lashes”.


If you are suffering from any of the below conditions, I will be unable to proceed with your treatment;


Breast feeding
Eyes are swollen, itchy or red
Conjunctivitis or any other type of eye infection
Cysts around the Eyelid area
Wet dry eye syndrome
Eyelash lice
Eyelash folliculitis
Herepes simplex eye infections
Hives or hypersensitive skin
Madarosis (eyelash loss)
Shaking or twitching
Trichiasis (ingrowing eyelashes)
Weak or brittle lashes
Currently undergoing chemotherapy or radiotherapy
Laser eye surgery


Patch Testing


Do I have to have a patch test?

Yes, I do require that a patch test be completed at least 48 hours before your treatment. When you attend your patch test, this will also be a good time for me to asses the health of your lashes and discuss your lash goals with you. The patch test consists of 5 products being placed directly onto the skin (usually the arm area) and covered with a plaster and left for up to 48 hours.


What if I have a reaction to my patch test?

Although reactions are rare, there are still a minority of people that have reactions, such as swelling, itching and redness. If you display these, or any other symptoms you will be unsuitable for treatment.


After your new lashes are combed and perfected, I will hand you an aftercare leaflet to take away with you. After your treatment

  • Please do not get your lashes wet or apply make-up to them for 24 hours

  • No steam for 48 hours after treatment as this will cause the lift to drop. This includes opening the cooker door whilst hot, Ironing, shower and saunas for 48 hours.

  • No sunbed or sunbathing for 48 hours.

  • Try not to rub your eyes or play with the shape.

  • Don’t use eyelash curlers for 24 hours

  • Protect the lashes from being crushed when sleeping on the first night after treatment.

  • Avoid strong sunlight for 24 after tinting, to maintain the tint.


Prior to your appointment:


  • Please arrive to your appointment make-up free around the eye area

  • You will not be able to shower or get your lashes wet for 24 hours after, so you might want to shower before your appointment.

  • Do not use waterproof mascara, oil based makeup remover or strip lashes 48 hours prior to treatment.

  • Do not have a spray/fake tan prior 48 hours to your appointment.

  • Contact lenses will need to be removed during treatment.

  • Please inform me if you are pregnant or have itchy, sore or swollen eyes prior to attending your appointment.

  • Please do not drink caffeine 3 hours before your appointment as this could cause your eyes to become overactive.