HD Brows

What are HD Brows?

HD Brows is a bespoke eyebrow treatment that is so much more than a standard eyebrow tint and wax.


The treatment combines a unique design formula with custom-blended colour, hair removal and make up application to create brows tailored to the individual. The treatment can aid in taming bushy brows or help you grow back your own brows that have been over plucked.


HD Brows is a unique treatment and differs to many other eyebrow treatments as we don’t believe in a one-shape-fits-all ethos. Brows are as individual as fingerprints and so each step of the HD Brows treatment is completely bespoke from the personal consultation, shape design, tailoring and aftercare process.


The HD Brow Process

Step 1; Consultation

From brushed up brows to neat and defined, choosing the right brow look can be difficult. That’s why every HD Brows treatment starts with a consultation where our Stylists help you based on your face shape, skin tone and of course, your style.


Step 2; Tinting

Unlike a regular eyebrow tint, we’ll apply the tint around the brow to pick up those fair and fluffy hairs you didn’t even realise where there. We custom-blend our bespoke HD Brow Dyes to create the perfect tone to complement your skin tone, hair tone and overall style.


Step 3; Waxing and threading

A combination of waxing and threading will be used to neaten, reshape and remove unwanted hairs helping you to work towards your long term brow goals.


Step 4; Finishing

If necessary, I will tweeze any stray hairs, trim unruly hairs down and create a finish that suits your style using our brow make up range.


Can the treatment be combined with Brow Lamination?

Yes, when combined with HD brows this combined process can create fuller brows that are easier to brush into your desired shape.


How Long does HD brows last?

The effects of the treatment usually last around 4-6 weeks, however this can vary depending on your hair growth. After your first few treatments I will be able to recommend how often you will require repeat treatments. HD brows are not semi-permanent/permanent.


How long does the appointment take?

The HD Brows treatment usually takes around 1 hour.


Do I need a patch test?
Yes, a patch test will need to be completed at a minimum of 48 hours prior to treatment. Please note that people under the age of 16 cannot have brow tinting.

What is a HD Brow regrowth programme?

For some individuals that have over plucked their brows I will recommend a no obligation re-growth programme. I will go through the process with you to help you care for your brows at home and how to fill in any gaps in your brows with make up in between treatments.


Am I Suitable For Treatment?

The treatment cannot be performed on clients who:

  • Have a positive reaction to a patch test for to any of the products applied  

  • Chemotherapy (current cancer treatment)

  • Skin Disease, skin trauma, cuts, abrasions, burns and swelling in the immediate area

  • Sunburn

  • Skin disorders in the general eye area such as dermatitis or psoriasis

  • Eye infections such as conjunctivitis

  • Recent operations around eyes, head or face in immediate areas

  • Hypersensitive skin/eyes

  • Recent tattoo, micro blading or feather touch brow design work (ensure all work is healed before proceeding and has been cleared for treatment by the technician)

  • Wrinkle relaxing injections and dermal fillers (please see aftercare advice from your administering practitioner)

  • Previous reactions to Dye/wax treatments either on the skin, hair/scalp or face

  • Some anti-acne medications such as Roaccuataine, doxycycline and epiduogel or their derivative

  • Some anti-aging creams or medications such as Vitamin A, Retinols and Efudex or other anti aging medications

  • Alopecia

  • Pregnant or breast feeding

  • Coeliac Disease/Gluten Intolerance

  • Trichotillomania

  • Steroid or cortisone creams as these can see thinning of the skin, pigment changes, irritation or peeling of the skin and increase the risk of developing skin infections

  • Have received or will receive the Covid-19 vaccination within a 4-week period (patch testing will need to be redone prior to treatment)

  • Currently/Post chemotherapy treatment.



  • Avoid getting the brows wet for 24 hours, so its advisable to shower before your appointment.

  • Avoid saunas, swimming pools, steam ironing, kettle steam and oven heat for 48hrs.

  • Do not touch your brows for the first 48 hours other than to brush them into place if needed. If you had had a waxing treatment avoid touching the area unless you have washed your hands and do not apply any skin care containing Retinol, AHA’s, BHA’s Salicylic acid, Glycolic acid or steroid creams to the area for at least 48-72 hours.

  • Use a conditioning treatment such as Castor oil to help keep your brows conditioned (do not start applying until 48 hours after treatment).

  • Avoid direct sunlight, sunbathing and sunbed for 48 hours post treatment.

  • Please use an SPF to protect the skin after 24 hours when outside.