Volume Lash Extensions

How long do extensions last?

This really depends on how well you look after them, correct cleansing products, regular brushing and keeping makeup to a minimum all affect retention results. People with oily skin or watery eyes tend to need more regular top ups. Your own lash cycle process of grow/shed is about 6 weeks from start to finish and we tend to lose around 4 lashes per eye per day. As a rule, most people lose between 15-25% per week. Sometimes there can be an issue with the glue and this will be visible within a 24-48-hour period. 


*Please do not excessively touch, pull at or pick your extensions as this will cause them to fall out. 


Arriving at your appointment with make-up on or dirty lashes; It is important that you arrive to your appointment with clean lashes that have not been cleaned with an oil based make-up remover, had strip lashes applied to them or waterproof mascara in the 4a8 hours prior to treatment as this will cause all your lashes to fall off very quickly due to the lashes being stuck to to product build up as opposed to your natural lashes. Please also take into consideration that you will not be able to apply make-up to the eye area or get the extensions wet (or in a steamy environment) for 24 hours as this will prevent the glue from fully bonding to the lashes.


Do lash extensions hurt?

Lash extensions should never feel heavy or be painful, in fact after initially getting used to them being there, you shouldn’t feel them at all. Poorly applied extensions can adhere more than one natural lash to an extension and when this grows out it will pull the other lashe(s) 

out with it ouch! Even the best lash artists can get what is called a ‘sticky’ when a baby lash gets caught. If you have any irritation at all post treatment, please feel free to book in for an evaluation (free of charge) and if there is an issue, it can be easily remedied in minutes. 


What is the difference between classic lashes and volume? 

Classic lash extensions are when a single lash extension is placed onto one of your lashes creating length. Volume lashes are when multiple individual lashes (lighter in weight) are hand crafted into a fan which evenly distributes the weight, creating a more voluminous effect, similar to strip lashes. 


Which lash style is right for me classic or volume?

Classic lashes will create length and will look very natural. Classics lashes can also be lower maintenance that volume fans and are the better choice if you have very oily skin as oils will clump the fans together causing them to appear spikey which will create retention issues


Volume lashes consist of tailor made fans to your individual lashes that will create a more strip lash look. Volume fans are a brilliant choice if you would like your lashes to appear fuller and depending on how many lashes are added and the length, fans they can be made very full or natural looking.


Hybrid Lashes are a combination of volume and fans and create a wispy look. This might be a good option if you have never had lashes before and would like the best of both worlds.


Why do I need regular Infills?

Naturally we shed around 4 lashes per eye per day. This accompanied by natural lash extension loss means you will need regular top-ups to keep them looking neat. Even though it may seem like you have a lot of lashes, at your infill appointment I will need to gently hand remove the lashes that have grown out so they do not prematurely cause the lash to fall out due to added weight. 


Can I just get lashes for a special event or holiday?

Of course, as part of the service I offer free removal of lashes as some can hang on for up to 6 weeks and if they’re not infilled they can become messy looking. If you’re going on holiday please be aware that if you plan to spend a lot of time in the water, sun cream and heat can cause retention issues, so please make your appointment for at least 2 days before you go away. If you’re going to an event, you will need at least 24 hours before showering and applying makeup so please bare this in mind too. 



Irritation; if there is irritation in a specific area it might be due to a trapped lash, if both eyes 

become irritated it could be they need a good clean as make up debris when not cleaned can 

cause build up irritation and itching. 


Spikey fans; are usually caused by oil build up from eye makeup or oily skin. A good wash 

should fluff them out again!


Crushed lashes & single eye lash loss; this could be caused by the way you’re sleeping. If you sleep on your side, you’ll find one eye will shed quicker and if you sleep on your front this 

may crush them, causing them to become bent and out of shape. 


Inner corner lash loss; these are the first lashes to be lost due to the eyes naturally watering. This can also affect the outer corners too. 


*Always contact me if you have an issue. 


Am I suitable for lash extensions?

Not everyone is suited for lash extensions. If you have any of the following conditions, you are not a suitable candidate;


*Allergy to any of the ingredients in the glue used during the treatment

*Inflammatory condition of the eye and eye area on the day of treatment: (sty, chalazion, keratitis, conjunctivitis, blepharitis, active acne, atopic eczema, active psoriasis) 

*Ectropion - medical condition where lower eyelid turns outward. 

*Entropion - medical condition where lower eyelid folds inward.

*Trichotillomania - hair pulling disorder

*Trichomagaly - abnormaly long lashes

*Opthalmic surgery (up to 2 months after)

*Chemotherapy (up to 6 months after last treatment)

*Mechanical irritation around eye area (microdermabrasion, injection)

*Permanent makeup (up to 3 weeks after the treatment)

*Lash henna (might cause bad retention)



What can go wrong?

Allergy; Even with a glue patch test prior to treatment, you could potentially still have a reaction to the glue. If this happens please contact your GP and myself immediately as I will book you in for removal as soon as possible. Talking can also encourage the eyes to open slightly subjecting the eyes to glue fumes, causing them to water and possibly cause retention issues. 


Cornea abrasions; are when the whites of your eyes become red and inflamed due to the eye pads moving up and rubbing on the corneas during treatment. This can be avoided by telling me if the pads become uncomfortable at any point and talking less as this can cause the pads to rise up into the eye area. If this happens it will usually clear in a few days. 


Dirty lashes; it is important that you clean your lashes daily as failure to do so can cause skin irritations, conjunctivitis, Demodicosis, infection and premature extension loss. 


Improper lash isolation; the reason why the treatment takes so longs as I have to carefully ensure that I am only sticking the extensions to an individual lash and not multiple at a time. If this happens when the lash grows out it will prematurely pull the additional lash/lashes 

out with it. I am meticulous in my work to ensure this doesn’t happen. I also double check my work thoroughly at the end of each session. 


Skin and glue contact; the lash glue should NEVER touch your skin. A 3-4mm distance is left between the lid and extension base, but (although this has never happened to me) if the client suddenly moves, then there maybe lash to skin contact. If this happens the glue will be removed immediately. 



Bigger isn’t always better; Everyone’s lashes are unique in width, length and colour. Thicker lashes can handle more weight whereas shorter, thinner lashes should be handled with care. No two clients will suit the same weight, volume and styling and a fully qualified volume lash artist will be able to evaluate each individual lash as they work and tailor make fans for its suitability, ensuring lash health is key priority. If you overload a lash with too much weight it will simply fall out sooner than its programmed life cycle leading to permanent damage.


Lash Extension Aftercare
*Please do not use mascara or strip lashes on your lash extensions post treatment as they will clump together and cause retention issues.

*You will need an oil free cleanser after application to remove make up as an oil based one will cause the lashes to fall out. Professional lash extensions cleansing kits can be purchased from us that includes cleaners and a special brush.

*You will need to brush your lashes AM/PM or when needed. A brush will be provided. Please wash it regularly to avoid contamination.

*Please wash immediately after crying and swimming.

*Please be aware that make-up applied to eye area that are not oil free, may result in retention issues.

*Please avoid sleeping on your front or side as this can result in lash loss or lashes being crushed. You will find that you lose more lashes on the side you sleep on.